Get your game on with Spin Master Games!


If you’re getting ready for quality time with family and friends during the holidays, what better way to have instant fun than with some new games? Spin Master Games has got you covered with their hottest new games for guaranteed fun!

Stay tuned to find out how to win and take your Game Night to the next level.

If You Know You Know

Who knows each other the best? Based on the viral “IYKYK” trend, this hilarious adult party game tests how well you know your friends, coworkers family and significant other with hilarious questions spanning from pop culture to food habits and NSFW!

Would You Rather?

This hysterical card game will have you deciding between two equally terrible OR equally fabulous options. The real fun comes from guessing the other player’s deal breakers! Start with a reader drawing a Visual Dilemma: “Would you rather be the funniest person alive or the smartest person alive?” The reader secretly chooses while other players guess with voting cards.

Hedbanz Lightspeed

Lights, color, action! Everyone’s favorite quick question game of “What am I?” brings fun and laughs at lightspeed! Rules change in a flash as your electronic headband lights up one of three colors: green (act out a scene), orange (answer questions fast) or blue (give three clues)! Guess as many cards as you can before the headband sings & time runs out! Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

Mind The Gap

Mind the Gap is a trivia game for the generations! Divide into teams, either 1 person from each generation or pit generations against each other. Answer questions related to TV/Film, Pop Culture, Music, Headlines, and Slang/Slogans.

Dumb Ways To to Die

Welcome to Dumbville, where your only goal is to keep your Beans alive! Based on the world’s most viral PSA turned TikTok trend, this game follows the lives of Beans who always find dumb ways to die.

Beat the Parents: Disney Edition

Get ready to raise the stakes with some Disney magic! With this new spin on the popular kids vs. parents trivia game, wager a Disney movie everyone will have to watch if you win! Go head-to-head with active challenges (i.e. take turns saying ‘hello’ in different languages) and drawing challenges (i.e. Buzz Lightyear) to see who comes out on top!

Monkey See, Monkey Poo

Game night goes bananas with this hilarious game of poo-flinging fun! Choose your monkey and spin to see how many flings you get. Lift the Monkey Flinger’s tail, load up the banana-scented poo dough, and launch it at the Tree!