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Biden campaign turns speech on nation’s unrest into battleground digital ad

Joe Biden’s campaign has turned the former vice president’s speech on civil unrest across the nation into a digital ad released Wednesday in battleground states. The ad, “Build the Future,” plays footage of the presumptive Democratic nominee’s speech and overlays it with images and video of the chaotic clash between protesters and federal law enforcement…MORE

Obama to discuss George Floyd death and policing in virtual town hall Wednesday

Former President Barack Obama plans to address in a virtual town hall Wednesday night the death of George Floyd, stressing the importance of “ensuring that this moment becomes one for real change” and that the protests around the country lead to new policies, according to an Obama aide. Those comments will mark Obama’s first time…MORE

Police accountability and immunity could get a closer look by the Supreme Court

The protests and clashes unfolding across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd have upheld a resonant message for courts to consider: Law enforcement accountability is missing in the justice system. The Supreme Court could decide soon whether it will take a closer look at a legal doctrine it created nearly 40…MORE

Why Joe Biden will almost certainly pick a black woman as VP

The biggest choice of Joe Biden’s political life is being made for him — by his own gaffes and the ongoing protests over the murder of George Floyd: It now seems a near-certainty that he will (and should) name a black woman as his vice presidential running mate. Consider where we are as a country…MORE

Trump launches defensive Twitter spree as America grieves

Trump launches defensive Twitter spree as America grieves

As the nation reels from social, economic and health crises, President Donald Trump began his Wednesday with a Twitter spree defending himself, attacking his critics and suggesting he’s done more for black Americans than any president, with the “possible exception” of Abraham Lincoln. This is his headspace as the nation grieves the horrific death of…MORE

US to block Chinese airlines from flying into the US

US to block Chinese airlines from flying into the US

The US government says it will block Chinese airlines from flying into the US in response to what it says is a policy that has prevented US carriers from service between the two countries. The Transportation Department restrictions will take effect June 16 but could be enacted earlier if President Donald Trump decides to do…MORE