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THIS is How You Pay For a Speeding Ticket!

I’m going to guess he wasn’t too happy to have to pay for his recent speeding ticket….. This Texas man walked in to pay for his speeding ticket that he was slapped with for going 9 mph above the residential area speeding limit. He brought the money in 2 white buckets that read “extortion payment”.…MORE

Changes Coming to the Kansas City Zoo….

After the incident that happened at the Cincinnati Zoo when a 1 year old boy came face to face with a 400 pound gorilla after ending up in the exhibit, the Kansas City Zoo is looking to make changes to the gorilla exhibit. We can’t forget back in 2014 when the Chimps escaped their exhibit,…MORE

This Is The First Time We’ll Pass On Cookies….

    If you’re thinking of making cookies, baking a cake or using any kind of flour in the kitchen you better think twice and check the label on that flour bag…..General Mills is issuing a recall on 10 MILLION Pounds of Flour……thats a whole lot of flour! General Mills recalls flour over E. coli…MORE

This is turning into a NASTY Divorce!

Yesterday Johnny Depp and Amber Heard filed for Divorce, TODAY Amber files for a restraining order and is accusing Johnny of spousal abuse.   Amber Heard has accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence #BREAKING Amber Heard — Claims Domestic Violence … Seeks Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp — TMZ (@TMZ) May 27, 2016 Read Johnny Depp’s…MORE

Hot for a Horse

People are “Hot” over a horse. His name is Frederick and they are calling him the “most handsome horse” even comparing him to Fabio…..Your Thoughts? #telljack   [van id=”us/2016/05/26/worlds-most-handsome-horse-orig-vstan-pkg-bpb.cnn”]MORE

Xtina and Grande sing off for VOICE Finale

Xtina and Grande sing off for VOICE Finale

Two little ladies with Big voices have a show down for the VOICE Season Finale! WATCH THE FULL VOICE Episode HERE Check out all the TWITTER BUZZ moments below Ariana and Xtina slay their first duet 👯 RELATED Ariana NEWS Here is the now Infamous Airiana Lip sync conversation from the Jimmy Fallon show [van id=”tv/2016/04/26/ariana-grande-lip-sync-conversation-daily-hit-newday.cnn”]MORE