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All The Info You Need For U2 And Beck At Arrowhead

All The Info You Need For U2 And Beck At Arrowhead

U2 with special guest Beck are playing at Arrowhead tonight. It’s going to be the biggest show (so far) and here’s some info you need to know if you are going to Arrowhead. Parking: $30 in advance (online), $40 day of event. Open at 2 p.m. (Heads up the Royals have a 12:15 game, so sometime…MORE

Can You Imagine?!?!?

Congrats to Joey Chestnut, he scarfed back 70 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes for the 2016 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Cooney Island, Brooklyn New York  MORE

Bye-Bye Swim Suits!

  Miss Teen USA waved Good Bye to their contestants wearing swimsuits, they now have an athletic wear competition for the contestants typically ranging in the age group of 14-19. Miss Teen USA eliminates the swimsuit competitionMORE


He just graduated middle school but whoever wins this presidential election needs to call up Jack Aiello as their speech writer. Check out the video of his speech during graduation that went viral.MORE

More Tragedy in Orlando

  A Two year old was snatched by an alligator into the Seven Sea’s Lagoon which is a man made lake between Disney World and the Resort. Right now officials are searching for the boy. [van id=”us/2016/06/15/police-update-on-toddler-snatched-by-gator-newday.cnn”] Search continues for 2-year-old boy snatched by gatorMORE

Orlando Vigil

  Thousands came out last night in Orlando for a vigil for the victims of Pulse Night Club. Check out the coverage below. [van id=”us/2016/06/14/anderson-cooper-reads-orlando-victims-names-ac.cnn”] Downtown Orlando’s vigil drew thousandsMORE

This Might Be Obama’s New Career Move

Check out President Barack Obama on Jimmy Fallon! Maybe this is going to be his new career move. POTUS slow jams with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight ShowMORE

You’re Really Going to Sue???

  A Realtor named Titi Pierce is suing Ellen DeGeneres for her show segment “Whats Wrong With These Signs”. During the segment Ellen had viewers send in random signs or things during their everyday that had something to do with the topic of the day which were breasts on that day in particular. The Woman…MORE

Are You Going To Try It?

Yummmmm check out this brand new KFC flavored nail polish. Its only available in Hong Kong but check out the commercial for it.  MORE